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Still harvesting beautiful tomatoes in late October -- amazing!

Still harvesting beautiful tomatoes in late October — amazing!

Growing vegetables is not easy in the high desert climate of Central Oregon, where nights are cold and days are dry and windy. But this summer we’ve had the most favorable weather conditions I’ve seen in the past 10 years: very warm nights all summer, and that’s persisted into late October. Still harvesting tomatoes, chard, raspberries, strawberries, green beans, winter squash. Have yet to dig potatoes and carrots. This has been the harvest that won’t quit. But today irrigation will get blown out for the winter, so time to do final harvest and start cleaning up.


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New discoveries planted

Hecker strawberry

Hecker strawberries

Earlier this summer I made a post about discovering a strawberry variety new to me, Hecker. I bought a few plants to test and found them to be great producers, so this week I planted more. They’re still producing beautiful berries now in late September, so I’m looking forward to a bumper crop next summer.

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