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Our farm isn’t all work

I’m more tired physically these past weeks since I quit my job to devote my energy to growing hay and produce. Planting, weeding, shoveling, moving rocks. It’s a workout with no gym fees. But it’s not all work. There’s plenty of play too.

Riding lesson

Yesterday my horse Dusty and I enjoyed a lesson with trainer Tim Rawlins of Rawlins Reining Horses in Terrebonne, OR.


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New discoveries planted

Hecker strawberry

Hecker strawberries

Earlier this summer I made a post about discovering a strawberry variety new to me, Hecker. I bought a few plants to test and found them to be great producers, so this week I planted more. They’re still producing beautiful berries now in late September, so I’m looking forward to a bumper crop next summer.

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Lots of tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

We sell a mixture of cherry tomato varieties including Sun Gold, Juliet and Yellow Pear.

It’s getting late in the season but we still have lots of tomatoes. We had sold out our inventory at Central Oregon Locavore, so now we’ve added more. That includes mixed cherry tomatoes featuring Sun Gold, Juliet and Yellow Pear varieties. Delicious! Deadline to order is noon tomorrow.

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