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I’m off to Central Oregon Locavore to deliver produce that’s been ordered online. Every other Thursday is pick-up day. I think it’s a great system for both producers and consumers. The advantage for producers is that they simply list what they have, in what quantities; there are no specific commitments, no need to have someone staffing the farmer’s markets instead of working on the farm. For consumers, they order only what they want from more than 100 different local producers, unlike in a CSA where you don’t know in advance what the weekly box from the producer will contain and may find you get vegetables you don’t like or don’t know how to cook.


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How to bat 1000

How does it happen? One day you have a not-quite-ready-to-harvest zucchini. Then seemingly overnight it grows into a “baseball bat.”

"Baseball bat" zucchini

Oh no! Today I discovered this “baseball bat” zucchini hidden under some leaves.

Too big to be tender, bats are a big problem. Recently we discovered a delicious solution. Turn the bats into boats filled with croutons, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, pine nuts and pesto. Voila! Tasty vegetable dish for four, or maybe six if you’ve got a REALLY big bat. Try this recipe, we love it.

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