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June-bearing berries (in our area, make that July) are said to be sweeter than the everbearing varieties. We grow Quinault everbearing and they do have a bit of tartness that personally I like. Enjoyed them with breakfast this morning.

Hecker strawberry plant

Hecker is a day-neutral variety developed at the University of California at Davis. Photo courtesy of Sakuma Bros. Farm. You can order this variety from them. Click photo to go to the ordering page.

But this week I tasted a day-neutral cultivar called Hecker, developed at U.C. Davis, that was new to me and very sweet. I will be planting some of these for sure.


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Sure, growing vegetables is practical. Raising your own food is satisfying. But just because it’s utilitarian doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Did you know that cauliflower doesn’t have to be white? There is a beautiful golden variety called, fittingly, Cheddar. But my favorite is this purple.

Purple cauliflower growing at Smith Rock Farm

Cauliflower can be beautiful. I love this purple variety. (Photo by Thomas Osborne.)

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Our first cutting of hay was a little late this year because of wet weather. We baled last weekend and had a yield of nearly 2 tons per acre.

First 2012 cutting of hay at Smith Rock Farm

Baling day at Smith Rock Farm for the first cutting of 2012. Photo by Thomas Osborne.

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